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Cool books I enjoyed reading.





Bonnie Mercure




Every once in a while we come across an unexpected jewel.   The Jacob Theory is one of those rare finds.  The uncanny feeling I’ve got from the first page of this book pushed me into a frantic reading session that surprised me a tad.  Before I realized what time it was the book was finished and I was tired and delighted.


The author, with her smoothly crafted words backed up by a genuine, almost palpable care for her main characters, weaved a story that unfolded fluidly and flawlessly in front of my inner eyes. Her in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and love for the gifted underprivileged youngsters portrayed in the story made me feel uplifted and humble.   The well-defined yet charming personality of the lead female character warmed my heart and sent ripples of enchantment in my mind.


It is always great to see authors getting involved into the social fabrics of our society and voice [through the action of their characters] and mercilessly attack the flaws and shortcomings of narrow-mindedness.  Mrs. Mercure does exactly that and more—her characters are real and tormented but in spite of their dramatic lives they find the light to guide them into a bright future lacking the prejudices of the tunnel-vision existence.


The inner and outer turmoil of young people facing premature and dramatic crisis carved out for them by a cruel fate is superbly handled by this concerned writer whose gentle words and images cut you to the bone.  But that’s okay—better to be painfully aware then live and die in ignorance.  And then, when all the chips are down, we encounter a touch of magic that helps us adjust to this newly found reality and we regain our bounce.


I strongly recommend this book to everyone.   


My Rating: *****






Alan M. Brooker



Yet again I had the chance to read another wonderful writer from the rich talent pool of New Zealand.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  This well researched book written by a passionate pen managed to capture the spirit and people of the green islands in a compelling fashion that drew me into the storyline almost immediately.


As I immersed into the story I could feel under every page the author’s passion and understanding of ancient traditions and modern life blending in a society where beauty of the spirit and callousness were in continuous conflict, making for a good, engaging read.  The characters well defined and attractive through their life hardened experiences all share a common denominator – combat the evil and protect the innocent.  And Mr. Brooker does a wonderful job on that with his spirit of adventure and care for others.


A good sense of humour sprinkled in the right places, neutralizes a tad some pretty intense and gripping pages of this book bringing the reader into a world where basic survival occasionally becomes the biggest challenge.  As the story unfolds we become one with the main characters as we participate in their dangerous endeavours.


        Without giving away the storyline, still lingering in my mind, I felt enriched and

         delighted by this passionate and moral voice smoothly bringing the reader

         into the center-stage of conflicting traditions and passionate, uplifting

         resolutions. The author, through his intrinsic love for people and his restless

         drive opens up small windows of hope for a better tomorrow.


My Rating: *****





Rosa Turner Knapp



It was a real pleasure returning to this talented author.  After reading other novels by her, my expectations were high but she didn’t disappoint.  The powerful yet gentle voice of the writer immediately connected the main characters to the theme and the reader to the book.  Artfully building anticipation, which, once and every time never failed to materialize in mini-climaxes conveying the story further.


The main character, a young female executive from an American family with deep roots in Spain falls victim to real and imminent dangers inevitably connected to her dynamic family’s secret past. It will be much later when her analytical mind puts the loose pieces of the puzzle together.  And it’s almost too late.


The author’s vivid and colourful imagination paints some powerful scenes of passion and romance that would raise the blood-pressure of the dead.  And all in an artful and compelling style that reveals the writer’s deep understanding of the workings-of-the-heart and the human psyche under mortal duress.   I found truly remarkable the richness of the main characters as they interact with the outside world and one-another, their hidden vulnerability granting them instant appeal to the reader.


I also enjoyed Ms. Knapp’s superb handling of foreshadowing pages building up a palpable suspense, making you read faster.  The passionate Spanish blood mixed with genuine molecules of American flamboyance develops a powerful chemistry that makes for a fast-paced reading.  I recommend this book to everyone.


I also recommend Volcano written by this author.


My Rating: *****






Kevin L. Donihe


This novel written by a young and talented writer is no ‘small potatoes.’ It took me a few pages to tune in with his style but the rewards were granted.  At times, his powerful pen carefully paints ‘off-the-wall’ images with such a focused intensity that they all start making sense in the large context of this daring and witty book.


The restless mind of the writer and his sensitive imagination often camouflaged in gut-wrenching paragraphs manages to convey clear and crafted messages to the reader.  Vivid and rebellious, he portrays a merciless picture that is solidly supported by a deep understanding of our ‘not-so-perfect’ culture and society.


Mr. Donihe’s crafted and often stylish pen draws us into a world of satire and symbolism which, sometimes even against our will, opens windows to a fragile hope that not everything is lost quite yet.  Razor-sharp insights into corporate supremacy and its effects on our daily lives makes us take another serious look at our often biased values.  Setting the stage for a fresh start where the ‘little people’ have a say in improving our brittle standards.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading a fresh, at times merciless voice triggering warning bells in our consciousness.  His excellent control of the words made us participate in his subtle vision for a better tomorrow.  It might not be a book for everyone but we strongly need writers like Mr. Donihe to keep us on track.  A welcomed and powerful young voice in the writing arena carving his own niche.


I recommend it to everyone.


My Rating: *****



Alex Roces


There is something special about this book.  Within the first minutes of reading, the quiet intensity of the story arrested my attention.  The exotic setting of a mysterious island placed somewhere in the tropics came alive under the author’s crafty hand.  Storming emotions and magical events drew me into a realm where I felt intrigued and in awe.


The main character, a beautiful wild girl born in the dangerous jungle comes in contact with the local villagers and the forbidden seeds of romance and passion are planted.  We immerse into a world of poetry, magic, driving passions and challenges which shortly transforms the island into a bright celebration of life.  The author cunningly and smoothly interweaves different worlds, which often touch on spirituality, feeding the reader’s soul with a healthy doze of wonderful.

Under the writer’s merciless but compassionate pen we learn to appreciate and weight our values because purity of the heart is a special gift not to be taken frivolously.   We also learn that brute passion exerted without the refined comb of our reason could destroy in an instant everything we live for, leaving us forever incomplete.

This book, so artfully blending visionary dreams and cruel realities makes for a unique reading experience.


I recommend it to everyone.


My Rating: *****






Cindy Procter-King



What a wonderful romantic romp!  It has been a while since I indulged myself in a romantic comedy so well written.  The main character, a genuine young female Advertising Execute learns the ropes of the biz and of the heart-matters as we ride along with her on this tricky and often slippery path.  High wire balancing her emotions and her commanding instincts, the reader gets gradually involved in a slice of contemporary urban living of the most charming kind.


Under the author’s sure-handed and spirited pen we find ourselves emotionally attached to the plot often wondering ahead of its soon approaching resolution.  But the writer doesn’t disappoint—passion progressively wound up like a coil then released just at the right time, sends us tumbling into a vivid and heartfelt commotion.  Subtle strings of various degrees trap us in a web of light-hearted anguish and timed conflicts which, further emphasize the ride.


At times challenged, often intrigued and curious but always entertained, we finish the book with a smile and an after-taste of nostalgia as we return to our mundane activities.  But now we hope to run into somebody like the main character crossing our daily path.


A good read.                 


My Rating: *****






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