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 I always had a prolific imagination that always got me in trouble - back then in the kindergarten days and today, when I somewhat grown up and I should know better.

​I won all, or most of the writing essay and other writing assignments starting in the elementary school through the high school years. 

My first officially published novel in 2000, titled PERPLEX VISION,  still in print, started as an angry reaction to the sci-fi world of books, claiming great story and fabulous developments and delivering nothing of substance.

​The book was written with fast paced passion and driven desire to make a difference -  After more then ten years since the first print, I still don't know if I reached that.  If by any chance you read this book, please let me know if it came close to the initial goal or not:

Vestal spaceship crash-lands in the Florida marshes and all its crew perishes with the exception of two. Stranded and injured, trying to find their way they happen upon and witness a brutal murder in the Florida marshlands. The aliens resurrect the dead bodies and transfer their souls into them. Shortly after the powerful human psyche returns to the bodies and an intense psychological conflict develops between the two different mindscapes. Peter, an eight-year-old black child, smart for his age and street- wise will help bring out the best in both races. It’s time now for adventures, healings, learning and magic -- together.


My second book, titled REPENT, came about under completely different circumstances.

​I was racing Super-Bike motorcycles across North America at the time and I had a horrible crash with a fellow racer running into me at over hundred-miles-per-hour.  Coming out from a two-week coma, brain-damaged and messed-up, I wrote Repent as a psycho-therapy exercise go get myself together.  It was this the time of raise of conciousness -  a blutant near-death experience.  It's more to it  but I will stop here.

​[It's not the best of my editing but my official Editor failed me at the time - you be the judge]:

Daytona Raceways: Steven Conrad is in the middle of a Superbike Race. His engine fails and he crashes. He wakes up from his coma two weeks later and his body is bruised, filthy, covered with blood, (not his), holding a military grenade with the pin pulled. He discharges himself from the hospital but he's having gore visions from the unknown, dangerous places. He physically finds himself in various trouble spots around the world - almost simultaneously. His presence there leaves a mark and the world is on his trail. He teleports into deep space in search of answers and the truth is revealed to him through the wisdom of his friend, an Indian Chief from the Yukon. Mary Campbell from Newsweek Magazine is the one who tracks him down first and falls for him in the process. Sacrificing limbs he saves his fiancé and their unborn baby's life. A prodigy baby girl with an attitude is born to carry on Steven's unfinished tasks.


My thrid book, titled WHITE THIRST, is a true story biography written into a novel format, in order for the storyline to flow easier for the reader. All the elements of true danger, fear, love and violence are present here but are somewhat filtered out fom the raw realities, to buffer the reader and make the book more enjoyable to read:

It is 1979 in Eastern Europe, Romania - A bad year in the heavy-footed, deadly Communist Era under the Russian dominance. Two young men plan and manage to escape (risking their lives every step of the way) from the Iron Curtain and reach an International Refugee Camp in Italy, sponsored by the Catholic Church. The two think that they finally had it made when they get there but it turns out shortly that this is a very dangerous place where people die almost every day. They make connections, passionate alliances and they will survive this stage, much enriched and emotionally bruised. - The story is largely true (timelines, locations, geographical details, people and traditions, complete with challenges, dangers, emotions, hopes and fears). How we know is true? It is my personal story – Mike Anka, the Author.


My fourth, most current novel, titled INVISIBLE BIRTHMARKS, released only a few weeks ago, is, I dare say,

a very different story which I cannot quite compare to no other book out there.  You have to read it and let me know what you think about it:

Meet Tiffany Juliana Conrad, a down-to-earth pretty progeny child with an attitude. Over the years she will develop at frightening speed gifts and skills she is not initially aware of. It turns out that she is a fresh chip from the old block, her father, who in his earlier years, covered the planet from coast-to-coast-to-coast and reached beyond the solar system boundaries in his secret missions. Tiffany’s new kind of energy and refined visionary mind becomes a major challenge for the parents until her father recognizes the higher wisdom his daughter is also connecting to. A brilliant student, a fierce and passionate fighter for the underprivileged, she will travel far in dangerous places where she saves lives, heal others and herself, and learns new skills which will help her accomplish her daring undertaking here on planet Earth - A fearless inter-galactic chic, which is turning into a beautiful young woman now, working relentlessly in fulfilling her demanding destiny. As teenage blood unleashes in her veins, the longing and passions of a long distance romance starts to flourish, accelerating her already fast endeavors. Despite all obstacles, Tiffany is trying to provide a frail window of hope that magic and passionate endeavors could make our battered planet a better place.






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